Auto Accidents Survey

Don't Make the MAJOR MISTAKE

Auto Accident Victims Often Make!!

Some injuries are NOT self-healing.

The longer you wait for your pain to "GO AWAY", the more difficult your injuries may be to treat, and the greater the risk of Permanent Damage.

Why do neck and back injuries cause so many different health problems?

Have you been in an accident?

It may be worse then you think!

Within 1 - 3 days following your accident, did you experience any of the following?

1. Headaches?                                                  YES     No

2. Stiff of Painful Neck?                                      YES     No

3. Low Back or Leg Pain?                                       YES     No

4. Shoulder Pain?                                               YES     No

5.Chest Pain?                                                    YES     No

6.Increased Tiredness?                                          YES     No

7. Dizziness?                                                     YES     No

8 Difficult to Concentrate?                                      YES     No

9. Memory Loss?                                                  YES     No

10. Back Pain?                                                    YES     No

11. Anxiety/Nervousness?                                        YES     No

12. Fainting/Lightheadedness?                                    YES    No

If you checked YES to ANY of these symptoms, you may need help.

If you need help,

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  • "A friend of a friend referred me to Longview Chiropractic after I kept complaining of neck and shoulder pain. It didn’t take long for Dr. Gartland to fix me up and now I feel like a new person. If I ever have anymore problems, I will definitely go back to see him."